Schofield Barracks (Stoneman Field)

Type: Paved
Length: 8 miles
Elev. Gain:  
Suitable for:  
Topo Map:  

The Mid-Pacific Road Runner's Club hosts several runs here. There is a rubberized surface track at Stoneman Field that is almost always available.

Suggested loop is just under 8 miles.

Paved road with gentle hills, shaded by fragrant eucalyptus trees. Water is available along parking-lot side of track. Portable toilets are available at the field. Water and restrooms are available enroute at the park between Trimble Road and Lyman Avenue.

To Get There From Honolulu
Take H1 west to H2 north. At the end of H2 continue straight on Farrington Highway. Turn left onto Kunia Road at the first intersection. Turn right onto Foote Avenue through the guard gate. Follow Foote Avenue approximately 0.2 miles. Turn left onto Waianae. Follow Waianae for almost 1 mile. Turn right onto McCornack Road. Take the next right on Leilehua, and turn left into the Stoneman Field parking area at the first stop sign. Parking is available in the lot, or around the other side of the field.

Suggested Route
From the parking area run mauka along the outside of the track complex. As you leave the field, turn right on Leilehua, and take an immediate left onto xxxx behind the guard shack. Follow xxxx for 0.25 miles, then turn right onto McMahon. Follow McMahon for approximately 2.25 miles, then turn left on Beaver. Follow Beaver for approximately 0.1 miles, then turn right onto Trimble by the minimart. Water and Restrooms are available at the park on the left about 0.5 miles after turning onto Trimble. About 0.5 miles after the park, turn left onto Lyman. (If you missed the park with water and restrooms on Trimble, you have the opportunity to enter it again on the left shortly after turning onto Lyman.) Follow Lyman downhill for about 3 miles, then at the end, before the gate, turn left onto "Road A." Follow "Road A" approximately 0.25 miles, then turn left onto Foote Avenue. Follow Foote for 0.2 miles, turning left onto Waianae. Follow Waianae for almost 1 mile. Turn right onto McCornack Road. Take the next right on Leilehua, and return to the Stoneman Field parking area.

There are signs along the road saying things like "Do Not Enter," or "Live Firing Area," or "Explosive Storage Area." Please heed these warnings. It is not uncommon to hear gunfire coming from the practice range adjacent to your running route.